Step-by-Step Details On How To Obtain Taiwan Scholarship With Full Degree

The point of the program offered by the Taiwanese Service of Training (MoE) is to empower German residents to concentrate completely in Taiwan.

Taiwan Scholarship With Full Degree
Taiwan Scholarship With Full Degree

Who can apply?

German residents with a college entrance capability or with a comparing qualifying degree can apply for additional investigations.

What are the advantages of applying for the Grant?

Full examinations – Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. – are financed at a college in Taiwan perceived by the Service of Instruction of Taiwan.

The span of financing;

  • Bachelor: greatest financing period of 4 years;
  • Master: the greatest subsidizing period of 2 years;
  • Ph.D.: greatest financing period 4 years

A few awards with various last objectives in the Taiwan Scholarship Program are unrealistic for a sum of over 5 years

The scholarship incorporates the accompanying administrations:

  1. The educational expense of max NT-Dollar 40,000 for every semester is covered by the scholarship supplier. Extra charges must be borne by the scholarship holder. (Here’s elite of colleges that offer limited educational expenses to Taiwan Scholarship beneficiaries.)
  2. A month to month scholarship pace of NT-Dollar 15,000 in the BA program;
  3. A month to month scholarship pace of NT-Dollar 20,000 in the Mama program;
  4. A month to month scholarship pace of NT dollars 20,000 in the Ph.D. program.

Scholarship Requirements

1. Nationality

Candidates must be German nationals. People of different identities can’t have any significant bearing in Germany. People with the status of an Abroad Chinese understudy or with the citizenship of the Republic of China (Taiwan) – additionally under the Citizenship Demonstration/Law of Ethnicity, which expresses that neither one of the parents may have been Taiwanese at the hour of the candidate’s introduction to the world – can’t matter on a fundamental level.

2. Age

Candidates may apply for the age of 18 preceding or on 31 August of the year in which the scholastic examination/scholarship year starts.

3. Capability

Candidates more likely than not got a college entrance capability by 20 June of the year in which the scholastic scholarship year starts. The necessary degree for additional examinations must be accessible by 20 June of the year in which the scholastic investigation/scholarship year starts at the most recent.

4. Specialization

The order is openly selectable.

People who are not qualified to apply are areas of now enlisted or learning at a college in Taiwan at the hour of use. This doesn’t have any significant bearing to understudies who complete a course of reading and apply for additional examinations; have just learned at a prior stage in the degree program for which they currently plan to enamorate themselves with the Taiwan Scholarship; international students (while getting the Taiwan Scholarship) or took on a twofold alumni program; have just gotten a scholarship in the Huayu Improvement Scholarship Program (earlier Mandarin Enhancement Scholarship Program) or the Taiwan Scholarship Program; get scholarships or monetary help from other Taiwanese government organizations or foundations simultaneously


The determination with an individual introduction will occur in December at the DAAD in Bonn. Prospective employee meetings through video gathering or comparative are impractical.

The DAAD assembles chosen choice councils as per specialized and, if important, territorial angles, which inspect the submitted applications and choose the honor of the scholarship. If essential, extra conclusions and master suppositions will be gotten recorded as a hard copy

The choice on the honor of the scholarship will be taken in January

Expenses for the appearance of the meeting are to be borne by the candidates themselves.

Language abilities

For Chinese-language courses, the Trial of Chinese as an Unknown dialect (TOCFL) language endorsement must be introduced at any rate level 3, for English-language courses a relating language testament for the English language (test score in any event 75%).

Judging Criteria

Specific consideration regarding be taken

  1. the time of the application,
  2. the credibility and practicality of the undertaking,
  3. the condition of the groundwork for the stay abroad,
  4. the implanting of the stay abroad in the scholarly vocation,
  5. the connection with vocation possibilities,
  6. the scholastic capabilities to date, as estimated by scholarly accomplishments and master sentiments,
  7. the (language) and nearby information on the nation,
  8. extra-specialized information, interests, and extra-specialized responsibility.

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