HAW. Worldwide Grant: Semester Stays and Last Housing Proposals for Students

Practice-situated investigations at colleges of applied sciences and schools of applied sciences (HAW/FH) are profoundly respected in Germany and around the globe. The DAAD underpins the understudies of HAW/FH during their stays abroad and the colleges in collaborative ventures with global accomplices. More data on the whole HAW program activity. Universally under www.daad.de/HAW.

Semester Stays and Last Housing Proposals for Students

Understudies in bachelor’s, Astroland diploma programs at German HAW/FH get grants in this program for a stay abroad as a component of their investigations or theory.

Who can apply for the Scholarship?

Understudies, all things considered, can apply in bachelor’s, masters, and diploma programs at German HAW/FH.

On the off chance that you don’t have a German identity, an application is conceivable under specific conditions: More data

What is being advanced?

Study stays and remains abroad are upheld as a feature of a postulation.

Concurrent financing through Erasmus or PROMOS and HAW. Globally, it is rejected.

Duration of the Scholarship

The span of the award changes as indicated by the kind of remain:

  • Study remains 3 to a half-year;
  • Remains as a feature of the postulation 1 to a half year.

Grant administrations

The grant incorporates the accompanying accomplishments:

  1. A month to month award rate, dictated by the host nation,
  2. travel stipend, the measure of which differs as per the host nation,
  3. Wellbeing, mishap, and private risk protection benefits,
  4. for study stays: award for educational expenses up to a roof (contingent upon the nation of an objective),
  5. for proposal: award for movement in the host nation straightforwardly identified with the venture.

Moreover, family advantages might be conceded to going with companions or common accomplices and kids under specific conditions.

View the month to month DAAD grant rate for a particular nation/status: Scholarship Calculator. These grant rates are liable to allow grants granted for awards in the scholarly year 2020/2021.

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