Full Details About ‘Academy Solitude Castle’ Scholarship

The Akademie Schloss Solitude close to Stuttgart offers an interdisciplinary and worldwide craftsman in-habitation program with living and occasion openings. Since its establishment in 1990, the Academy has upheld more than 1,400 individuals from more than 120 nations in the fields of craftsmanship and science.

Full Details About 'Academy Solitude Castle' Scholarship

Program depiction

Like clockwork, somewhere in the range of 50 and 65 private and work awards in the field of workmanship and science are granted to people from the fields of (visual expressions and media), AUDITOR and PHYSICAL (music and performing expressions), DIGITAL (advanced craftsmanship, gaming, computerized news-casting, computerized distributing), SPATIAL (engineering and plan), TEXTUELL (writing and language), SOCIAL/COMMUNITY (instruction, intercession, hypothesis) and SCIENTIFIC

The name Akademie Schloss Solitude joins the possibility of asylum with the possibility of imaginative and logical trade. A stay at the Academy Schloss Solitude empowers the patrons to commit themselves to their work extends under really and mentally great conditions. The accessible assets can be utilized in a necessities situated way. For the mental self-portrait of the Academy, it is basic that grant beneficiaries in everything territories can work and research imaginatively without the requirement for regular and introduction. Similarly, nonetheless, the Academy offers occasions to convey ventures to the rest of the world and to advance them in a manner that is powerful in broad daylight. Notwithstanding various occasions, the adaptable online stage Schlosspost empowers the global permeability of the supporters and their themes and gives space to new advanced ventures.

A stay at the Akademie Schloss Solitude is an interest later on, because occasionally the outcomes for both the backers and the institute will just get noticeable sometime in the not too distant future.

The establishing chief Prof. Jean-Baptiste Joly headed the Academy Schloss Solitude from 1 January 1989 to 31 March 2018. Since 1 May 2018, Elke from Moore has been head of the Academy Schloss Solitude.

The Akademie Schloss Solitude is financed by awards from the territory of Baden-Württemberg.

Target crowd

The grant program is fundamentally focused on craftsmen as long as 40 years old. Understudies can’t be acknowledged. Moreover, tasks and distributions can be supported.

The craftsmanship and science grants are granted in the field of;

  1. (Visual Art and Media),
  2. AUDIT and PHYSICAL (Music and Performing Arts),
  3. Advanced (Digital Art, Gaming, Digital Journalism, Digital Publishing),
  4. SPATIAL (Architecture and Design),
  5. TEXTUAL (Literature and Language),
  6. SOCIAL/COMMUNITY (instruction, intervention, hypothesis) and
  7. Logical/craftsmanship, science, and business (humanities, sociologies, common sciences, and financial aspects)


Moreover, without precedent for its 30-year history, the Akademie Schloss Solitude has extended its profile with a topical concentration with the 2019 application round and, from 2020, along with the KfW Foundation, will set up another program with attention on the content, with which a gathering of seven supporters will cooperate over time of nine months. With its topical center, the Academy needs to reinforce the significance of transdisciplinary and verbose imaginative work in the public arena and to give driving forces for this regarding content.

Grant execution

The Solitude Scholarship is a participation grant: it is accepted that the recipients spend in any event 66% of their grant time at the Academy.

The month to month grant rate is 1,200 euros. Travel costs for appearance and take off just as the expenses of an outfitted living and working studio will be secured. There are 45 outfitted living studios and three visitor studios. Contingent upon the establishment’s circumstance, awards are likewise conceded for twofold spending administration, medical coverage for worldwide grant holders, material expenses, and transport costs.

The application archives and data on the necessary work tests can be seen here before the following application round. Twofold applications to the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg and the Akademie Schloss Solitude are not allowed.

The choice on the honor of the grants is taken by the skillful, autonomous master jury, who are reappointed at regular intervals by a consortium. Grants are typically granted for a time of six, nine, or a year.

Visit this link for more details: daad.de/go/stipd50015578

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