Full Information About Doctoral Scholarships at the St. Thomas University.

Program objective: The significance of the program is to advance expositions zeroing in on interdisciplinary exploration and similar investigations identified with European nations to provide doctoral scholarships for Students of European St. Thomas University.

St. Thomas University
St. Thomas University

Who Can Apply For The Scholarship?

Suitably qualified college graduates can apply.

If you don’t have a German identity, an application is conceivable under specific conditions.

Advantages Of Applying For The Scholarship

The European College Establishment, set up by the Part Conditions of the European Association, gives qualified candidates with finished college studies or evidence of the essentials needed for a doctorate the occasion to finish a paper.

For the main year of study in financial aspects, cooperation in an organized program of functions with examinations is compulsory. In a graduated structure, this additionally applies to the subjects of history and social history.

The emphasis is on interdisciplinary examination and relative investigations regarding European nations. This considers attaches to non-European societies.

Length of Scholarship; One year and around three additional years until the doctorate is gotten. Beginning of the scholastic year: 1 September.

Scholarship Administrations: Scholarships for a fourth year are given legitimately by the European College Organization. In its fourth year, the DAAD pays an examination and congress expense of 102 euros for every month.

Requirements For Applying for Scholarship

College graduates who have finished one of the accompanying degrees at a state or state-perceived advanced education establishment in Germany or an authorized course of the investigation of a professional foundation before taking the scholarship, or who have an identical unfamiliar degree, can apply:

– at any rate a three-year bachelor’s certificate

– Master

– Magister

– Diploma

– first or second legitimate examination

– first or second State Examination for the Magister-learning

The college degree or examination may not be over five years of age at the hour of utilization except if there are exceptional reasons (see Scholarship Notes/Segment A, point 5). On the off chance that you as of now have a bachelor’s and master’s certificate, the cutoff time tallies from the date of the Master’s certificate. If the second state examination or the second state examination for the instructing post is as of now accessible, as far as possible from the securing of the first state examination or the first state examination for the showing post tallies.

Finished college studies or confirmation of the essentials needed for a doctorate.

Great information on English is essential for affirmation. The Organization appends specific significance to learning another European language.

Scholarship’s Selection Criteria

The principle determination standards are:

  1. Scholastic accomplishments comparable to the span of the investigation,
  2. Nature of the theory,
  3. If important, logical distributions,
  4. Important language aptitudes for the effective acknowledgment of the undertaking,
  5. Applications to complete an individual examination venture will be assessed,
  6. Nature of the specialized introduction of the examination venture just as the preliminary work,
  7. Inventiveness, practicality, and pertinence of the task,
  8. Attainability of the task and the consistency of the work and timetable (examination and assessment steps),
  9. Appropriateness of the host establishment (thinking for the stay abroad and decision of host college),
  10. Significance of the exploration venture and the stay abroad for one’s own logical and expert plans.

For applications for the advancement of support in a Ph.D. course abroad, choice rules are utilized:

  1. Nature of introduction of the venture, including the legitimization of one’s inspiration,
  2. Ampleness of the work program/schedule,
  3. On the off chance that fundamental, own preliminary work,
  4. Significance of the venture for one’s own logical and expert plans

Extra-specialized rules:

  • Extra-specialized information, interests, and extra-specialized responsibility;
  • Further language abilities.

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